So, the last two days, I’ve had the privilege of speaking at one of the breakout sessions (aka the small groups) at two “His Kids” Orphan Initiative conferences (think Orphan Sunday).    It was essentially the same conference done in two different counties.

I learned a lot from what I heard.   I learned a lot from the people I had a chance to interact with.

And then this morning, I read Psalm 84:10: “I would ratherDoor be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked.”

I spent the weekend interacting with doorkeepers.

I spent the weekend interacting with adoptive parents, church leaders, volunteers who are all putting someone else first.

I spent weekend listening to people who are doing seemingly mundane things and making a difference for God’s Kingdom.

Creating “emergency care” kits for foster children who are put in foster care with literally nothing but the clothes they are wearing.   That’s a door keeper.

Being willing to share your difficult story to help someone else get through theirs.   That’s a door keeper.

Being open, being honest, being vulnerable to help others.   That’s a door keeper.

Letting your eyes be opened to the world around you and then once you see it, doing something about it.   That’s a door keeper.

None of it’s for glory, none of it’s for publicity.   It’s all for God and it’s all because, as door keepers in His house, we want to reflect His love to others.

I met a lot of door keepers this weekend.   I pray we can all be more of that, we can all put God and His people first.


So What’s Your Manna?

I was reading Exodus 16 as part of my personal devotions today.   Something hit me about the story of the Israelites and their complaining.

The situation in Egypt was bad, it was very very bad.  They were forced to work……  Well, let’s say it was slavery and leave it at that.

And yet, when they were free – but conditions were tough and a bit unknown and what happens?   They start complaining.   They can’t see more than 1 day at a time and they automatically assume the worst.    They assume that because they are in the desert and there is no “visible” sign of food, they are going to all starve to death.

A totally logical conclusion.   I mean seriously, how are you going to get that many people across the desert without food?

But guess what – God doesn’t tell us to be logical.   He tells us to trust Him.   And in the Israelites case, He tells them, “I’ve got this – but you need to trust me, EVERY DAY.”

God provides for His people every day.   Many days it doesn’t seem like enough, an entire generation of Israelites died in that desert.   But they died with a daily evidence that God is in control.

So, today, as you wrestle with whatever challenges that God has in front of you, as I wrestle with my challenges, may we ask the question, “What is our manna?”    What is our reminder that God’s in control.   He’s in control of the whole thing – of all of your life, of all of my life.   But He’s not going to show us the whole thing.  

He’s going to say, “Trust me for today.   I’ve got this.”

What’s your manna?


Your Vision of Yourself

It’s something that most of us wrestle with.   It’s frankly something that all of us should wrestle with.   There are a few who think too highly of themselves.  But most people have a vision of themselves that is less than it should be.

I’m not strong enough.

I’m not quick enough.

I’m not that good looking.

What, I’m not a good writer!!?!?

I can’t speak in front of a large crowd.

Look at Moses – he obviously didn’t think much of himself.    But look what God did with him.

Look at how God took a lowly shepherd boy and made him the king of Israel.

Look how God has taken every single one of us who believes in Him and said, “You are my child, your sins are forgiven, you are free.   Go be the person that I want you to be.”

That means we are strong enough.

We are quick enough.

We can make it happen.

God doesn’t call the equipped.   He equips the called.

So what has He called you to do?    And how is He giving you the strength to do it?

You are a child of God, so let that impact your view of yourself.

And let it also impact what you can accomplish to make this world a better place……

My Story–It’s an Unfinished One

I mentioned before that I’ve had a number of people tell me, you should write down your story because it’s an absolutely amazing story.

First off, it’s humbling to hear that because I don’t see it that way.   I’m just a dad with 5 kids, 2 of which happen to be from another country.

Secondly, if I can, by writing my story, encourage one more person to take one more step “outside their comfort zone” and make a difference in this world, then that’s worth it.

Starting next Saturday, every Saturday I’m going to post a small part of the story.   It will take a long time to tell (this part of the story is over 10 years long) but it has been a very interesting and enriching ride.

I hope you’ll join me and share part of your story too.