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Adoption–Another Perspective

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Kristy for about, I believe, 4 or 5 years, from when her husband became the youth pastor at the church we were then attending.

From the very beginning, she always had a “soft spot” for my two adopted kids (that sounds creepy – but it’s not) even though it’s obvious that she loves all kids.   It was only until a few years later that in addition to the fact that my kids are awesome, there’s another reason she’s always been “there” for my kids.

Kristy is an adult adoptee.   She’s been there.   She knows the big feelings, the good, the hard, the unknown.  She knows the strange questions people ask, the impact that school assignments can trigger.

She’s the real deal.

Kristy has written a piece about her experiences and her feelings being an adopted child and now an adopted adult.    She wrote this a few years ago but as she and I were talking yesterday, it still applies today.

Kristy has graciously allowed me to repost her article here. Her (and my) hope is that adoptive parents, adult adoptees and the relatives of adoptive families (as well as teachers etc.) would learn and grow a bit in their understanding of the emotional challenges in the lives of all people involved in adoptions.

So, come back tomorrow, Kristy’s got some good stuff for you……