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Things You Learn in Art Class

For the record, I haven’t taken an art class in a VERY long time…….

But I attended one for 10 minutes last night.   My daughter’s high school had a parent open house where the parents follow their kids schedules and get a chance to meet all of their teachers.

For 10 minutes each class.

The art teacher said something that changed my perspectives on art class.   She said that, yes, there are some people who are truly talented in the arts – drawing, sculpture, painting etc…..    But most of us aren’t.

For most of us, art isn’t about drawing the prettiest picture or making the most modern sculpture or whatever.   For the majority of us, art is a way of addressing a much more important question…..

“How is God going to come out of you?”

How is God going to make himself known to the world through you?

How can you be the hands and feet of Jesus to those who need help?

How can you be the comforter that sits with someone who is suffering like Job (without opening your mouth and ruining everything!)

How is God going to come out of you to share your life and your personal walk with God with people who need encouragement?

Everyone has a story and everyone has a perspective that is valuable and needs to be heard.

I learned a lot from an art teacher last night.  

Teaser alert – there will be some things happening soon that will make that a relevant and ongoing question for me and for a lot of you as well.


Do Something? Me?

So, last night, we’re on the way back from football practice and this song comes on the radio.    My 13 year old interrupts conversation and turns it up “LOUD.”    So, naturally, we all started singing along……

Then, this morning, in my personal devotions, I come across Judges 6:11-16. 

God comes to Gideon and says, “Do something!”    He says, “Me?   I’m nobody, I’m nothing! I can’t do anything.”

And God’s response? 

“I have sent you.   I’ll be with you.   Believe in me.”

And go do something!